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Integrated, real-time data access and unmatched support since 1983.

Integrating Stream V ERP software into a full suite of eCommerce applications in Web 2.0 eCommerce for Vendors B2B eCommerce eCommerce for Customers B2C eCommerce eCommerce for Sales Reps & Managers eCommerce eCommerce for Vendors B2B eCommerce Vendor-Side Stay Connected Instant access to
replenish your goods.
eCommerce for Customers B2C eCommerce Customer-Side Plan To Grow Multi-Currency, Multi-
Prices, Rebates, more...
eCommerce for Sales Reps & Managers eCommerce Rep-Side Sales & Performance Keep track of all assets,
live and in real-time.
"The ROI with Cove compared to a larger ERP such as JD Edwards, Oracle or SAP is significantly faster." Craig Plank
Stream V eCommerce Software
Our eCommerce software is not an add-on product, but a completely integrated part of the main application provided with Stream V software.
What others are saying
"Cove Systems uses our application development language DataFlexT to write their Stream V software. We have been providing them with software for over 20 years and are aware that they have sites worldwide with up to 500 users. At one of our recent developer conferences they won the "Best DataFlex Application" award. "
Fern Bazerghi
Sr. Sales Manager
"I used Cove from 1997 to 2006 at International Computer Graphics, a wholesaler of computer peripheral equipment. The software was scalable and flexible enough to handle the changes in vendor marketing programs, track inventory, handle edi transaction (with Dell, CDW, and Amazon, to name a few), provide real-time inventory levels for sales people, in short very flexible. With Cove we were able to grow from about 74M to 330M in sales. "
David Thompson
"I have used and deployed ERP applications from Cove Systems for over 15 years. CMS currently uses an earlier version of Stream ERP and are in the planning stage of deploying Stream V. We expect to be live ... in 6-8 weeks. "
Scott Myers,
IT Manager
CMS Products, Inc.
  • Easily Manage Staff
    Your customers view all the same live data as your in-house staff is viewing. You can easily set limits on what in-house staff can see by setting up permissions inside of the application.
  • Make Better Decisions
    Transactions performed by customers & vendors are executed in real-time and appear in your live data instantly. This provides immediate feedback for you & your staff.
  • Increase your Sales
    By providing your customers with real-time access, non-sales calls will go down and your online sales will go up.
  • Multi-level Security
    A combination of multi-level security, on-line audits and automatic transaction holds allow you to configure the eCommerce system to provide the functionality your customers and vendors demand and the data security your company needs.
  • Find Products Fast
    Customers can search your product offerings by keyword, manufacturer, warehouses, product line, price, availability and other product categories.
and more...