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Cove Systems brings you the Stream series of Business Software. It is the most integrated system available on the market today for accounting, assembly, distribution, warehousing, POS, and eCommerce. Stream II provides performance and integration on Unix/Linux Systems, while Stream V for Windows delivers un-matched productivity and features on local and wide area networks.

These fully integrated on-line/Real-Time systems will provide the flexibility and competitive edge needed to guarantee your company's success in today's market place.

Stream completely automates all your Sales, CRM, POS, Accounting, Warehouse, Shipping, Returns, e-Commerce and Assembly operations, and more ... With a complete web interface and EDI, your customers, sales reps and vendors have secure controlled access to the information they need.
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    Replace your existing ERP/Accounting business software with Stream
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Stream V News for December 2013
    • Added code to clear CC Gateway after each order.

    Bin Count Loader
    • Added code to create item in location if not already there after confirmation.

    Order Entry
    • Added code to set the edited field to “Y” while an order is being edited. Clears field on save or clear. This can be used during pick queries which is easier then checking the Sotemp file for a record.

    • Added login option to request (email) login information.
    • Added code to send email when customer does not remember login information.
    • Note: Above uses the ChillKat SMTP server email interface. We are switching to use SMTP for system generated outbound emails. See earlier update notes. This will be a gradual process, get your SMTP servers setup soon.

    • To disable forced address validation requirements: F248:WEBADVAL = N.

    SQL Stored Procedures
    • Updated code to use two formats:
    • EXECUTE {sp name} value, value, value
    • EXEC {sp name} value, value, value
    • Note – the two behave slightly differently, with MS-SQL some data format conversions with EXE while EXECUTE supports multiple database servers using the Dataflex SQLGet command and does not do conversions. The difference is in how they are submitted.

    • Added comment number 1270 to store EDI import information.

    File Change
    • Renamed F60:116 to EDA_Date to use a default place holder in EDI.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    ERP with POS Software Included

Stream V News for November 2013
    Journal Entry / Bank
    • Context menu option added to JE Review and Bank Management to allow for changing of the Post Date.

    PO Entry
    • Kit items entry blocked on POs.

    Panel Queries
    • Enhanced to add current-focus object-name to the end of the identifier on Dashboard View, i.e. OCRMDASHBOARD:OACTIONSBROWSE to allow more specificity in identifying queries.

    SQL Query
    • Modified SQL Queries to support including the data source in the Query on the first line of the SQL statement - DATASOURCE:{name} where name points to a TextData record: SQL:SQL_CONN:name.

    • Released the new Account Setup (17.1) process for eCommerce that allows importing company information from a remote SQL system like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

    Field Rename
    • Fixed Field Rename in Company master to properly name AddressValDone and Field239.

    PO Management
    • Added policy POMNDEFI which can be set to 1,2,4 or 5 to default the starting index.

    Buying Group CrossRef
    • Added CrossRef lookup/management to Buying Group Manager.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    ERP with POS Software Included

Stream V News for October 2013
    Order Processing
    • Added comment number 1230 as Packing List comment. Only prints on the packing list.

    New WebApp
    • Released first version
    • Added Web Field Security View to System Admin Menu.

    Full Text Search
    • Added full text search capability in all browses using the F9 key.
    • Note: The system administrator must setup full text search on the appropriate database tables. Hint: right click on table name in SQL Server Management. If there is not a TextData SQL statement setup the user will be notified that searching is not enabled.

    File Change
    • Contact Field Named: Named Web_Admin field.
    • Named Note field in JE: Added access in AP Entry, Journal Entry and on lookups. Since this is a file change on the JE file it can take a while on large databases.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    POS Software Included

Stream V News for September 2013
    SQL Edit
    • Added support for [DRILLDOWN] section. This section will contain information to use for drilldowns to allow data independent query lookups.

    • Added status bar to Views.
    • Added query pane to status bar in views and dialogs to allow running queries.
    • New “PanelQuery” dialog scopes on a set of queries based on a code passed from the status bar.
    • First release the PanelQuery is file independent which means no drilldown (Zoom or Expand).
    • Future release will support the upcoming SQL query enhancement to allow drilldown information to be stored in the query to reduce code versions.

    • Improved label handling on Trandata Detail Panel.
    • Add Requisitions to a PO
    • Added button to allow selecting a PO and adding requisition lines.

    • Added model categories to model field context menu. These are not used in Stream but can be used for reporting and website organization.

    BOL Entry
    • Added duplicate print check on print button in addition to order load. Added code to clear panel after printing.

    Picklist Processing
    • Added code to lock orders earlier in picklist production. Creates Sotemp record with line #0 and deletes it after batch is completed.

    File Change
    • Named field Rev_Time in Pick file and Stage field in Po Header.
    • Added Est_Dock_Date in PoHead and PoLine/PoTemp files

    PO Line Update
    • Added option to change data on lines only when syncing lines with header on selected fields.

    • Added Stage Field to PO Header – Gencode driven.

    PO Internal Comment
    • Added internal comment # 1260 to PO Entry.
    • Added display to PO Management and PO Header Detail Panels.
    • Comment 1260 does not print anywhere.

    PO Receiving
    • Added policy RECPRCDP to allow setting of number of decimal point of receiving price display. Default is 2.
    • Added support for supplemental costs to receiving process. This allows recording inventory receipts at “landed” cost. Supplemental Cost field names can be set in Policies:LBLSUPC1-3.
    • Notes - Automatic Freight Added value has been moved to SupCost4 field in PoLine. All supplemental costs are posted to the Freight Liabilities Account in the GL. A future enhancement will be to post to separate accounts. Prompt button in the Add$ column allows direct editing of supplemental costs per line.

    Order Delete
    • Order delete process is now faster.

    Picklist Management
    • Added code to allow only sysops to create picklist without printed output
    • Added code to dis-allow quick double clicking of buttons.

    Loaner Management
    • Removed policies 161S01RI, AR, and WO which controlled access to the buttons. Use normal security to control access to buttons.

    PO Line Sync
    • Added line sync buttons to PO Head Option Fields.
    • Added popup list to allow selecting which lines are synced.

    Invoices File
    • Added TotalUnitCost field to invoices file in Minor Update 69.
    • Added 5 spare numeric fields.
    • Modified invoicing code to load the TotalUnitCost field with total unit cost of invoice lines.
    • Exposed the TotalUnitCost field on the Invoice Detail View.

    • Added button to allow selecting invoice line item number.

    Shipto/Company Taxcode & Address Validation – File Change
    • Named TaxcodeDate field in Shipto and Company to track last time Tax Code was updated automatically.
    • Added “More Menu” options Shipto Management to validate addresses and update Tax Codes via web services. This requires FastTax web service for tax updates and Cove Address Validation Service for address validation. Sysop Only.
    • Address validation validates US addresses where the address validation done flag is not set. If the address validation fails the Shipto.Doc_Type is set to “!”. Shipto Management view now has a filter on Doc_Type that can be used to find the bad addresses.
    • The update Tax Code process prompts the use for a date. Tax Codes that have not been updated prior to that date, or never updated, will be loaded.
    • In both above processes an error log file is created in the users MyCove directory. For address validation an error file is created for each address that fails.
    • Added Taxcode refresh button to Company and Shipto Detail Panels.

    • Added #WEBTAX counter to track how many lookups have been done.

    AP Check Lookup
    • Added multi index support to AP Check Lookup by Vendor and Payments Lookup off Vendor Manager.

    Customer Incident Lookup
    • Added duplicate incident and change incident to another customer context menu items.

    TextData Manager
    • Added multi-index support.

    • Added code to load SSCC/UCC128 field when manually creating a box.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    POS Software Included

Stream V News for August 2013
    TextData and Longcode
    • Improved field label setup and handling.

    Prodline & Group Lookups
    • Added checkbox to suppress inactive records.

    • Added Subject indices to Incidents Lookup and Customer Incidents Lookup.

    • Fixed single row return problem.

    SQL Processing
    • Added ability to select result set to return on SQL Queries. Supported in Grid display and embedded queries.
    • Add one of the following codes anywhere in the SQL statement to use the appropriate result set. Suggested place is at the end or the beginning of the SQL statement. The first result set is #1 and is the default. Valid codes are: @@USERESULTSET2@@, @@USERESULTSET3@@, @@USERESULTSET4@@, @@USERESULTSET5@@. Note: if a non-existing result set is selected a popup error will be generated at execution time.
    • Modified the SQL Grid to clear when the query does not return any data.

    Company Name Change
    • Updated code to change the company name in Company Item Comments.

    Order Entry
    • Added code to popup Company Item Comment if present. This can be turned off by setting policy SOECOMPI to “N”.

    Pick Query
    • Updated code to write better changes records pointing to the Pick file instead of Bin file.
    • Added Record Change History Lookup to Pick Detail Panel.

    File Changes (#69)
    • Assorted file changes.
    • Added Invoice#/Box to index 7 of Manifest file (69) to eliminate recnum.
    • Widened CrossRef Alternate Description to 80
    • Added BOM# index to BomHead Manager – note that BOM_NO field must be unique before running file change. Use SQL statement: select count(bom_no), bom_no from BomHead group by bom_no order by count(bom_no) DESC to check
    • Added indices to Waretran Lookup. Added new Waretran Lookup View to Warehouse Menu.
    • Added index 3 to CCTRAN (Build 7751)
    • Added indices 11, 12 & 13 to Incident (Build 7753).

    SQL Report Grid Column Memory
    • Fixed the retention of column sizes on SQL Grids. Not to set column sizes on auto-print grids (like Picklist Summary) run as sysop which will prompt to display, set column sizes with mouse and exit. This will create a TextData GCR record with the column widths. Use the TextData Manager to duplicate record for the appropriate users or create a global record with ID field blank. Note – the user ID goes in the ID field in these records, not the UserID field.
    • Added a “remember Column Widths” button to Report Popup Grid to allow the user to save the column widths. If a sysop the user is prompted to set the columns as global.

    RA Edit
    • Removed toggle button (not needed).
    • Changed the “make active” button to only be displayed when an RA has status “P”.
    • Toggle and fixed line selection now faster.

    • Released new spec for Inbound EDI Orders (850) EDI_850IN_XML_Spec_301.xlsx in Application Notes directory on Cove Website.

    • RF and paper picklist printing code released that uses bin consolidation logic for individual picklists.
    • Added option to select or suppress summary paper picklist
    • Improved error message to display item# if not enough in the bin system
    • Added gnPass1 SQL variable containing the batch size. This should be used in the RFS:READYBATCH_ACTIVE query.
    • Fixed consolidated ‘picklist create’ to properly handle non-stock items.

    • Added workspace name to location preferences for Modal Dialogs to cause dialogs to store screen location by workspace.
    • Added FastTax test view to Process Automation utility menu.

    Manifest Box Creation
    • The system historically does not take less than 1 carton items into consideration when creating boxes since they usually go into other boxes. It only creates a box when there qty picked * cartons it greater than 1. Code modified to calculate the weight of the box correctly. So if cartons = .25 and you pick:
      • 3: you get no box
      • 4: you get one box
      • 5 – 7: you get one box
      • 8: you get two boxes

    • Modified order completion to update manifest (box) SSCC_NO field with the generated UCC128 number. This allows printing of this number on shipping labels and is used by the EDI 856 code.

    AP Entry
    • Added confirm prompt when posting outside current period.
    • Code added to restrict AP posting to current JE posting range.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    POS Software Included

Stream V News for July 2013
    Actions Detail
    • Added Entered/Rev fields to Actions Detail.

    AP Entry
    • Added a policy to allow setting year and period on AP entry; (APECHPER = “Y”).
    • Note: doing this requires being aware that the GL & AP reports are effected by past and future period entries.

    Actions on POS
    • Added support for actions on PO entry and PO management.
    • Actions attached to POs can only be linked to the house company and its contacts.
    • House company is defined in policy: HOUSECO.

    Company Management
    • Alt Account index exposed in Company Management.
    • Context menu option added to Shipto Addresses view.

    • Added code to have user confirm on save if postdate more than 30 days from current date.

    Data Dictionary
    • Fixed Link to URL button.

    EDI Dashboard
    • Updated to new file structure logic and improved screen performance.
    • Displaying oldest file Date/Time and added check boxes to control which transaction types are displayed.

    Generic Data Exported
    • Added checkbox to output column titles when producing CSV Line Delimited output.

    Images Lookup
    • Added code to suppress images from list when second Ident argument passed is blank.
    • Fixed list to handle line number passed properly.

    Invoice Detail
    • Fixed display mask for Picker in invoice detail.

    Help System
    • New StreamSQL and ManifestConstant ApNote Created.

    Order Invoicing
    • Added code to jump to Picker Field after order number is entered.

    Order Reports
    • The Orders By Customer Report was named Order Report and the older style Orders By Customer was still on the menu. This has been fixed and the Orders by Order Number added to the menu in place of the Order Report.

    Password Edit
    • Code added to block users editing their passwords.
    • Setting Policy PWDEDIT to “N” blocks user password edit during login.

    RF Warehouse Transaction (Waretran) Update
    • Added more information to Waretran records created by RF.

    RF Batch Pick
    • Code updated to not allow selecting a tote/cart/pallet that is already in use.
    • Modified to cancel the batch/pick if the operator does not select a cart after selecting the batch/pick.

    RF Pick Drop
    • Added Shipvia to message displayed when pick is dropped in staging area.
    • Note: The Description from the Shipvia record is used. If the Shipvia is “Carrier” then the AIC record is checked and the name of the carrier is displayed.

    Shipvia Manager
    • Default value for checkboxes cleaned up.

    Ship Management
    • Shipto ID index added.

    Vendor Record Deletion
    • Added code to block deletion of a vendor record when vendor is used in catalog or inventory record. Also, blocked delete of item when a bin record exists.

    • Code added to jump to order grid on Enter from PRO number field.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    POS Software Included

Stream V News for June 2013
    SQL Query Debug Info
    • SQL queries have been enhanced to output SQL statement and execution time cleanly in Debug Window. Note: SQL Query is output after all token conversion and other statement processing takes place. This can be cut and pasted out of the window for testing.

    SQL Queries
    • Added support for popup selections on embedded SQL queries for StreamV and RFV.

    SQL Query Selection Popup
    • ORDERS and POS selection list options added.

    SQL Query Selection Popup for RF Stickiness
    • Code added to allow making the selections sticky to handle situations where a query is called repetitively and the operator should only be prompted once for the selections.

    SQL Query Selection Popup for RF
    • Support added to use a small 3 selection popup panel to popup query selections in the RF system.
    • Added global variable: gsCoveProgramType to hold the program type. This variable is set in the application source code (i.e. RFV.SRC) and can be left blank as a default
    • RF code modified to use LoadSQLFromTextData instead of just moving the TextData text into the SQL statement
    • Modified the LoadSQLFromTextData procedure to support TextData records without an [SQL] section.

    PO Entry
    • Code modified to check item warehouse location status when warning if an item is inactive or the backorder code is set to no.

    PO Locking
    • The PO locking code was re-written to correct problems with receiving while a PO is being edited.

    Warehouse Dashboard
    • Modified to not show user assigned queries when selecting a query to add.

    SysAdmin Query / Reconcilers
    • Created new SysAdmin queries to replace the deprecated system reconciliation program FV080X01. These queries update Purchases YTD, MTD, QTD, Trend and Total purchases in the vendor records.
    • Created new SysAdmin queries for backing up the SQL database and queries to replace the deprecated system reconciliation program FV054X01. These queries update Sales YTD, Trend and prior year sales in the customer records. These are normally run once a year.

    CRM Query
    • Created new CRM query, Customer Ranking Report, to replace the Stream 2 Customer Ranking Report (FV054R21). The query uses the Gencode table Q_RANK to determine the ranking sequence to use when executing the query.
    • Added Carrier Parcel and Weight Distribution query to the Manifest Query. Both the CRM Customer Ranking Report and the Manifest Carrier Parcel and Weight Distribution queries can be downloaded from the on-line query library.

    Inventory Valuation Report
    • “From” product line prompt fixed.

    Special Pricing
    • Added ability to add and edit special price and cost records from the Catalog Master. Note that special pricing function was lookup only and special costs were not available before now.

    • Modified to not re-price whole ticket when items are added.
    • Re-pricing will automatically happen when the order is saved, customer changed or terms changed
    • Getting a stored ticket will no longer prompt for user
    • Added Re-price button to actions tab.

    Weekly/Monthly Demand
    • Support added to invoicing (IRA) to update kit component consumption information in the weekly and monthly accumulators.
    • Added support in the System Reconciliation view to update kit component consumption.

    Order Completion Comment
    • Added reserved comment IN: item#:1017. If this comment exists it is displayed during order completion.

    • Updated code in manifest package to allow cartons to have decimal quantities, i.e. .25

    Customer Detail
    • Corrected contact find in Customer Detail to ignore case.

    Customer Reconciliation
    • Code fixed that was not updating AR.

    RF Pick
    • Expand button added to RF Pick Chooser to allow looking at order detail. RF Pick Note: This can be disabled by setting Policy RFEXPORD to “N”
    • Added drill down from batch pick grouped lines to order requirements for item.
    • Improved multi-pallet load into VICS BOL to handle 0 carton items and multiple orders on same pallet.

    Order Entry
    • Code added to force operator to confirm reading the Customer Specific Sales Order Notes. Notes will require confirmation each time they are changed. This can be disabled by setting policy SOFRCVCC to “N”.
    • Modified code so that Void line option in order entry removes the line from the sales order completely. This can be disabled by setting policy SOVOIDOK to “N”.

    Keyword Results Detail
    • Modified to start cursor in the search field.

    Inventory Transfer
    • Added code to block transferring of kits (assembly_level = K). Kits should be exploded and the components transferred.

    Pallet Packing Lists
    • Added code VICS BOL Entry and Order Print routine to allow only print the items on a pallet. System sets the LL variable PSTOTE to the pallet number and loads the line variable Qty Picked with the number of items from the current line on the tote.

    • Opened access to field on RA Line Detail Panel to allow recovering from mis-receipt. These fields should be looked at and secured as required. Status, Rec_qty, rec_date, Rec_by, inv_no, inv_line. Also RA header status.

    Picklist Print Routine
    • Exposed individual comments in L&L in addition to current header comment variable

    • Exposed L&L variables piCurrentCopy and piCopies to allow printing # of # on BOL.

    ERP with eCommerce Solutions @
    ERP SAAS Software
    POS Software Included

Cove Systems Customer Testimonies & Case Studies

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Work-at-home agents supported in Stream Business Software

Ever since the internet has taken a grasp on the business world internet users have been looking for ways to work at home, because it saves employers and employee’s money, time & resources!

At Cove Systems we are savvy to this trend and we believe it points to something much greater; we believe it is necessary to continue to find ways to stay more efficient than your competitors. That is why we support the work-at-home agents by providing them with unique software solutions in our Stream series of business software.

Stream supports:
  • eCommerce tools
  • Facebook & Twitter integration
  • Remote access with terminal services
  • Virtualizing your business
  • Virtual Warehouses
  • Web Services (API)
  • & More...

Our ERP Software Implementation Strategy

Since its inception, Cove Systems has been dedicated to producing technologically superior business software solutions and backing them with the finest implementation techniques and services.

Over many years, Cove Systems has developed an implementation strategy to speed up the install process of a new system. This process has been successful at sites around the world.
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Stream V is the most complete, integrated system available on the market today for Fortune 500 companies.
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