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Vendors can easily acquire data
and reports anytime.

A pleasure for vendors, Stream V ERP Vendor eCommerce software makes it easy for Vendors to replenish your stocks. Vendor-Side Supply Flow 1 (239) 283-9170 "Stream is a fully integrated ERP that supported our distribution business, & enabled us to be on EDI w/ both our vendor & customer partners... [It] enabled us to maintain a live inventory system that supported price protections & serial numbers tracking. "
Sam Diab
Finance & Accounting Professional
Integrated ERP Vendor eCommerce
eCommerce for vendors allows secure access to your ERP system via the Internet, using standard Browsers, for customers and vendors to interact and perform ecommerce functions with the software.
What others are saying
"I used Cove from 1997 to 2006 at International Computer Graphics, a wholesaler of computer peripheral equipment. The software was scalable and flexible enough to handle the changes in vendor marketing programs, track inventory, handle edi transaction (with Dell, CDW, and Amazon, to name a few), provide real-time inventory levels for sales people, in short very flexible. With Cove we were able to grow from about 74M to 330M in sales. "
David Thompson
"I have used and deployed ERP applications from Cove Systems for over 15 years. CMS currently uses an earlier version of Stream ERP and are in the planning stage of deploying Stream V. We expect to be live ... in 6-8 weeks. "
Scott Myers,
IT Manager
CMS Products, Inc.
"I worked with one of my clients to select a package for intensive distribution and some manufacturing and we selected the Stream V product. It has been running for several years with great success. [It] is not a static product - new features and concepts keep arriving. The accounting procedures in the system are complete and done the way your CPA would want them done. "
Jack Hirschi
Computer One
Support your vendors, enable success.
  • Real, Live Data
    Your vendors view all the same live data in your ecommerce software as your in-house staff is seeing. You can easily set limits on what in-house staff & vendors can view by setting up permissions inside of the software.
  • Make Better Decisions
    Transactions performed by vendors are executed in real-time and appear in your live data instantly. This provides immediate feedback for you & your staff. The vendor eCommerce software is truly integrated.
  • Expand your Reach
    Our eCommerce software supports multiple languages. It is easy to support your vendors overseas when your business software speaks their language. Break through the language barrier with enhanced vendor ecommerce features.
  • Multi-level Security
    A combination of multi-level security, on-line audits and automatic transaction holds allow you to configure the vendor eCommerce software to provide the functionality your vendors demand and the data security your company needs.
  • Foreign Currency Integration
    Receive and keep track of foreign currencies throughout the entire application. Completely integrated into the eCommerce software so that your business can accept payments no matter where your vendors are located.
and more...
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