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Wholesale and retail businesses experience loyal customer growth.

Better than a pleasant experience, eCommerce Plus is essential for handling all types of returning customers. Customer-Side Plan To Grow 1 (239) 283-9170 "The system [is] fully integrated; AR, AP, Inventory, GL, CRM, rebate tracking, serial number tracking and edi. We were able to grow from about 74M to 330M in sales. If I return as the CFO or CIO to an industry that handles inventory sales I would lean very heavily to implementing Cove"

David Thompson
Customer-Side Integrated eCommerce
Customer side ERP eCommerce software allows secure access to your ERP software via the Internet, using standard Browsers.
What others are saying
"Cove Systems offers a robust software product that competes with the likes of SAP. They have a set of tools to help determine if your computer systems are up to the task of handling the number of users required. I've seen this tool in action on some very high end systems from IBM and other manufacturers that showed support for 1,200 concurrent users. That was on machines 15 years ago! In all the time I've worked with them, I don't recall any problem for which a workable solution was not found. "
Eric Ashley
"CMS is a technology manufacturing company and has used Stream ERP for over 12 years. We are very satisfied with the integrated modules and overall performance of the business processes. I have used Stream ERP at companies ranging from $6 mil to $500 mil in annual revenue.

As a company, Cove Systems is open to extend the application as needed. Cove has been very responsive to support issues.

Stream ERP has been a solid business application. "
Scott Myers,
IT Manager
CMS Products, Inc.
"Cove Systems uses our application development language DataFlexT to write their Stream V software. We have been providing them with software for over 20 years and are aware that they have sites worldwide with up to 500 users. At one of our recent developer conferences they won the "Best DataFlex Application" award. "
Fern Bazerghi
Sr. Sales Manager
Optimized for Retail, Wholesale & Distribution.
  • Provide Better Options
    Wholesale & Distribution customers are very different than retail customers. We had this in mind when designing the perfect eCommerce software to integrate both in a seamless way offering more technical information to your wholesale customers while making it easier for your retail customers to find a product and close the deal swiftly.
  • Warranty Management
    A competitive edge. Warranty management is completely integrated and streamlined for eCommerce software customers.
  • Extend your Reach
    Our ERP eCommerce software supports multiple languages. It is easy to support your business customers overseas when your business software speaks their language. Break through the language barrier with ERP eCommerce software.
  • Multi-level, Special Prices
    You can easily provide different prices to your different types of eCommerce customers. It is easy to setup discount rates for customers that are VIP and highly respected by your business. Special prices are customizable and easy to control in our ERP eCommerce software.
  • Foreign Currency Integration
    Receive and keep track of foreign currencies throughout the entire software application; completely integrated so that your business can accept payments no matter where your eCommerce customers are located. You make more money while customer side eCommerce software does the calculations.
and more...
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