Error Code Description
KDUP_ERR 2  Key value already exists
KMAT_ERR 3  Could not delete since pntr's don't match
KDEL_ERR 4  Could not find key to delete
KBLD_ERR 5  Cannot call delete w/o verification with duplicate keys
BJMP_ERR 6  c-tree(...) jump table error
 TUSR_ERR 7  Terminate user
 FCNF_COD -8  sysiocod value when FNOP_ERR caused by conflicting open requests (server)
 FDEV_COD -9  sysiocod value when FNOP_ERR, DCRAT_ERR or KCRAT_ERR caused by device access error
 SPAC_ERR 10  INTREE parameters require too much space
 SPRM_ERR 11  Bad INTREE parameters
 FNOP_ERR 12  Could not open file: not there or locked
FUNK_ERR 13  Unknown file type
 FCRP_ERR 14  File corrupt at open
 FCMP_ERR 15  File has been compacted
 KCRAT_ERR 16  Could not create index file
 DCRAT_ERR 17  Could not create data file
 KOPN_ERR 18  Tried to create existing index file
 DOPN_ERR 19  Tried to create existing data file
 KMIN_ERR 20  Key length too large for node size
 DREC_ERR 21  Record length too small
 FNUM_ERR 22  File number out of range
 KMEM_ERR 23  Illegal index member info
 FCLS_ERR 24  Could not close file
 KLNK_ERR 25  Bad link in deleted node list. REBUILD
 FACS_ERR 26  File number not active
 LBOF_ERR 27  drn before beginning of data records
 ZDRN_ERR 28  Zero drn in ADDKEY
 ZREC_ERR 29  Zero drn in data file routine
 LEOF_ERR 30  drn exceeds logical end of file
 DELFLG_ERR 31  Flag not set on record in delete chain
DDRN_ERR 32  Attempt to delete record twice in a row
 DNUL_ERR 33  Attempt to use NULL ptr in read/write
 PRDS_ERR 34  Predecessor repeat attempts exhausted
 SEEK_ERR 35  Seek error:  check sysiocod value 
 READ_ERR 36  Read error:  check sysiocod error 
 WRITE_ERR 37  Write error: check sysiocod error
VRTO_ERR 38  Could not convert virtual open to actual
 FULL_ERR 39  No more records availble
 KSIZ_ERR 40  Index node size too large
 UDLK_ERR 41  Could not unlock data record
 DLOK_ERR 42  Could not obtain data record lock
 FVER_ERR 43  Version incompatibility
 OSRL_ERR 44  Data file serial number overflow
 KLEN_ERR 45  Key length exceeds MAXLEN parameter
FUSE_ERR 46  File number already in use
 FINT_ERR 47  c-tree has not been initialized
 FMOD_ERR 48  Operation incompatible with type of file
FSAV_ERR 49  Could not save file
 LNOD_ERR 50  Could not lock node
 UNOD_ERR 51  Could not unlock node
 KTYP_ERR 52  Variable length keys disabled OR invalid key type
 FTYP_ERR 53  File mode inconsistent with c-tree config 
 REDF_ERR 54  Attempt to write a read only file
 DLTF_ERR 55  File deletion failed
 DLTP_ERR 56  File must be opened exclusive for delete
 DADV_ERR 57  Proper lock is not held (CHECKLOCK/READ)
 KLOD_ERR 58  LOADKEY called with incorrect key number. You cannot continue
 KLOR_ERR 59  LOADKEY called with key out of order You may skip this key & continue
 KFRC_ERR 60  Percent out of range
 CTNL_ERR 61  NULL fcb detected during I/O
 LERR_ERR 62  File must be opened exclusively
 RSER_ERR 63  Start file / log file serial number error
 RLEN_ERR 64  Checkpoint past end of log file
 RMEM_ERR 65  Not enough memory during tran processing
 RCHK_ERR 66  Log file entry failed to find checkpoint
 RENF_ERR 67  Could not rename file
 LALC_ERR 68  Could not allocate memory for control list
 BNOD_ERR 69  Node does not belong to index
 TEXS_ERR 70  Transaction already pending
 TNON_ERR 71  No active transaction
 TSHD_ERR 72  No space for shadow buffer
 TLOG_ERR 73  LOGFIL encountered during shadow only
 TRAC_ERR 74  Recovery: two active tran for user
 TROW_ERR 75  Recovery: bad tran owner
 TBAD_ERR 76  Recovery: bad tran type
 TRNM_ERR 77  Recovery: file name too long
 TABN_ERR 78  Transaction abandoned: too many log extents or dynamic dump wait exhausted
 FLOG_ERR 79  Could not log file opn/cre/cls/del
 BKEY_ERR 80  NULL target or bad keyno
 ATRN_ERR 81  Transaction allocation error
 UALC_ERR 82  User allocation error
 IALC_ERR 83  ISAM allocation error
 MUSR_ERR 84  Maximum users exceeded
 LUPD_ERR 85  Reduce lock to read lock after update
 DEAD_ERR 86  Dead lock detected
 QIET_ERR 87  System not quiet: files in use
 LMEM_ERR 88  Linked list memory allocation error
 TMEM_ERR 89  Memory allocation during tran processing
 NQUE_ERR 90  Could not create queue
 QWRT_ERR 91  Queue write error
 QMRT_ERR 92  Queue memory error during write
 QRED_ERR 93  Queue read error
 PNDG_ERR 94  Pending error: cannot save or commit tran
 STSK_ERR 95  Could not start task
 LOPN_ERR 96  Start-file/log open error
 SUSR_ERR 97  Bad user handle
 BTMD_ERR 98  Bad transaction mode
 TTYP_ERR 99  Transaction type / filmod conflict
ICUR_ERR 100  No current record for isam datno
INOT_ERR 101  Could not find isam keyno request
 INOD_ERR 102  Could not open ISAM parameter file
 IGIN_ERR 103  Could not read first 5 parameters in ISAM parameter file
 IFIL_ERR 104  Too many files in ISAM parameter file
 IUND_ERR 105  Could noy undo ISAM update. Rebuild Files
 IDRI_ERR 106  Could not read data file record in ISAM parameter file
 IDRK_ERR 107  Too many keys for data file in ISAM parameter file
 IMKY_ERR 108  Incorrect keyno for index member in parameter file
 IKRS_ERR 109  Too many key segments defined in ISAM parameter file
 ISRC_ERR 110  Could not read segment record in ISAM parameter file
IKRI_ERR 111  Could not read index file record in ISAM parameter file
 IPND_ERR 112  LKISAM(ENABLE) found pending locks
 INOL_ERR 113  No memory for user lock table
 IRED_ERR 114  1st byte of data record equals delete flag or bad variable length record mark
 ISLN_ERR 115  Key segments do not match key length
 IMOD_ERR 116  Bad mode parameter
IMRI_ERR 117  Could not read index member record
 SKEY_ERR 118  NXTSET called before FRSSET for keyno
 SKTY_ERR 119  FRSSET called for index with wrong keytyp
 RRLN_ERR 120  Data record length exceeds rebuild max
 KBUF_ERR 121  Tried to update data with ctISAMKBUFhdr on
 RMOD_ERR 122  Attempt to change fixed vs variable len
RVHD_ERR 123  Var length header has bad record mark
 INIX_ERR 124  # of indices does not match (OPNIFIL)
 IINT_ERR 125  c-tree already initialized
 ABDR_ERR 126  Bad directory path get
 ARQS_ERR 127  Could not send request
 ARSP_ERR 128  Could not receive answer
 NINT_ERR 129  c-tree not initialized
 AFNM_ERR 130  Null file name pointer in OPNFIL
 AFLN_ERR 131  File name length exceeds msg size
 ASPC_ERR 132  No room for application message buffer
 ASKY_ERR 133  Server is not active
 ASID_ERR 134  Could not get servers message id
 AAID_ERR 135  Could not allocate application id
 AMST_ERR 136  Could not get application msg status
 AMQZ_ERR 137  Could not set message appl msg size
 AMRD_ERR 138  Could not get rid of application msg 
 ABNM_ERR 139  Badly formed file name
 VMAX_ERR 140  Variable record length too long
 AMSG_ERR 141  Required message size exceeds maximum
 SMXL_ERR 142  Application MAXLEN > server's MAXLEN
 SHND_ERR 143  Communications handler not installed
 QMEM_ERR 144  Application could not id output queue
 SCSF_ERR 145  Could not find COMM software
VDLK_ERR 146  Could not update free space info
 VDLFLG_ERR 147  Space to be reused is not marked deleted
VLEN_ERR 148  WRTVREC cannot fit record at recbyt
VRLN_ERR 149  Varlen less than minimum in ADDVREC
 SHUT_ERR 150  Server is shutting down
 STRN_ERR 151  Could not shut down. transactions pending
 LEXT_ERR 152  Could not extend logfile
VBSZ_ERR 153  Buffer too small
VRCL_ERR 154  Zero length record in REDVREC
 SYST_ERR 155  Native system failure
 NTIM_ERR 156  timeout error
VFLG_ERR 158  REDVREC record not marked active
VPNT_ERR 159  Zero recbyt value
 ITIM_ERR 160  Multi-user interference: index information updated by the time user got to actual data record
 SINA_ERR 161  User appears inactive
 SGON_ERR 162  Server has gone away
 SFRE_ERR 163  No more room in server lock table
 SFIL_ERR 164  File number out of range
 SNFB_ERR 165  No file control block available
 SNMC_ERR 166  No more ct file control blocks in server
 SRQS_ERR 167  Could not read request
 SRSP_ERR 168  Could not send answer
 TCRE_ERR 169  Create file already opened (in recovery)
 SFUN_ERR 170  Bad function number
 SMSG_ERR 171  Application msg size exceeds server size
 SSPC_ERR 172  Could not allocate server msg buffer
 SSKY_ERR 173  Could not identify server
 SSID_ERR 174  Could not get server message id
 SAMS_ERR 175  Server could not allocate user msg area
 SMST_ERR 176  Could not get server msg status
 SMQZ_ERR 177  Could not set message server msg size
 SINM_ERR 178  Unexpected file# assigned to [si] in rcv 
 SOUT_ERR 179  Server is at full user capacity
 IKRU_ERR 180  Could not read symbolic key name
 IKMU_ERR 181  Could not get mem for key symb name
 IKSR_ERR 182  No room for sort key. increase MAXFIL
 IDRU_ERR 183  Could not read file field number values
 ISDP_ERR 184  Attempt to reallocate set space
 ISAL_ERR 185  Not enough memory for addt'l sets-batches
 ISNM_ERR 186  Set number out of range
 IRBF_ERR 187  Null buffer in rtread.c
 ITBF_ERR 188  Null target buffer in rtread.c
 IJSK_ERR 189  Join_to skip
 IJER_ERR 190  Join_to error
 IJNL_ERR 191  Join_to null fill
 IDSK_ERR 192  Detail_for skip
 IDER_ERR 193  Detail_for error
 IDNL_ERR 194  Detail_for null fill
 IDMU_ERR 195  Could not get mem for dat symb name
 IMEM_ERR 197  Could net get memory for ifil block
 BIFL_ERR 198  Improper ifil block
 NSCH_ERR 199  Schema not defined for data file
 RCRE_ERR 400  Resource already enabled
 RNON_ERR 401  Resources not enabled
 RXCL_ERR 402  File must be exclusive to enable res
 RZRO_ERR 403  Empty resource id
 RBUF_ERR 404  Output buffer to small
 RDUP_ERR 405  Resource id already added
 RCSE_ERR 406  Bad resource search mode
 RRED_ERR 407  Attempt to get non-resource info
 RNOT_ERR 408  Resource not found
 LKEP_ERR 409  Not in use: available
 USTP_ERR 410  User not active
 BSUP_ERR 411  Not a superfile
 LCIP_ERR 412  WRL to WXL commit promote pending(CIL)
 SDIR_ERR 413  Superfile host not opened
 SNST_ERR 414  Cannot nest superfiles
 SADD_ERR 415  Illegal ADDKEY to superfile
 SDEL_ERR 416  Illegal DELBLD to superfile
 SPAG_ERR 417  Cache page size error
 SNAM_ERR 418  Max name inconsistency
 SRCV_ERR 419  Host superfile does not support recovery
 TPND_ERR 420  Key update with pending transaction
 BTFL_ERR 421  Filter not supported yet
 BTFN_ERR 422  Other functions not sup
 BTIC_ERR 423  Incomplete
 BTAD_ERR 424  Add list err
 BTIP_ERR 425  Batch in progress
 BTNO_ERR 426  No batch active
 BTST_ERR 427  Status info already returned
 BTMT_ERR 428  No more info, batch cancelled
 BTBZ_ERR 429  Bufsiz too small for record
 BTRQ_ERR 430  Request is empty or inconsistent
 LAGR_ERR 431  Aggregate/serialization lock denied
 FLEN_ERR 432  Fixed length string requires len in DODA
 SSCH_ERR 433  Segment def inconsistent with schema
 DLEN_ERR 434  Very long def block not supported
 FMEM_ERR 435  File def memory error
 DNUM_ERR 436  Bad def number
 DADR_ERR 437  defptr NULL during GETDEFBLK
DZRO_ERR 438  Requested def blk is empty
 DCNV_ERR 439  No conversion routine for Definition Block
 DDDM_ERR 440  Dynamic dump already in progress
 DMEM_ERR 441  No memory for dynamic dump file buffer
 DAVL_ERR 442  One or more files not available for dump
 DSIZ_ERR 443  File length discrepancy
 DCRE_ERR 444  Could not create file during dump rcv
 SDAT_ERR 445  Not enough data to assemble key value
 BMOD_ERR 446  Bad key segment mode
 BOWN_ERR 447  Only the file's owner can perform op
 DEFP_ERR 448  Permission to set file definition denied
 DADM_ERR 449  ADMIN has opened file. Cannot delete file
 LUID_ERR 450  Invalid user id
 LPWD_ERR 451  Invalid password
 LSRV_ERR 452  Server could not process user/acct info
 NSRV_ERR 453  No such server
 NSUP_ERR 454  Service not supported
 SGRP_ERR 455  User does not belong to group
 SACS_ERR 456  Group access denied
 SPWD_ERR 457  File password invalid
 SWRT_ERR 458  Write permission not granted
 SDLT_ERR 459  File delete permission denied
 SRES_ERR 460  Resource not enabled
 SPER_ERR 461  Bad permission flag
 SHDR_ERR 462  No directory found in superfile
 UQID_ERR 463  File id uniqueness error
 IISM_ERR 464  ISAM level logon not performed
 IINI_ERR 465  Incremental Index: dnumidx < 1
 IIDT_ERR 466  Incremental Index: dfilno not a ISAM file
 IINM_ERR 467  Incremental Index: aidxnam NULL for 1st
 IITR_ERR 468  Incremental Index: active tran not allowed
 NGIO_ERR 469  Negative I/O request
 LGST_ERR 470  Guest logons disabled
 SORT_ERR 370  Sort base: errors SORT_ERR + 101 thru 126 see CTSORT.C or CTERRC.H for error listing
 Sort errors  range from 471 thru 496 (e.g.: SORT_ERR + 101 thru 126). These errors are returned from routines found in CTSORT.C. Error codes and short descriptions returned by these routines are as follows:
Sort Error 471  error deleting sortwork file
Sort Error 472  error creating unique name
Sort Error 473  error opening first dummy file
Sort Error 474  too few handles available min 3
Sort Error 475  error closing dummy file
Sort Error 476  error unlinking dummy file
Sort Error 477  error getting first data area
Sort Error 478  sinit phase not previously performed-srelease
Sort Error 479  sreturn phase already started
Sort Error 480  no records in data buffers
Sort Error 481  sint phase not previously performed-sreturn
Sort Error 482  not enough memory
Sort Error 483  no valid record pointers in merge buffers
Sort Error 484  error opening sortwork file
Sort Error 485  error creating sortwork.00x file
Sort Error 486  no records fit in output buffer
Sort Error 487  error reading sortwork file
Sort Error 488  bytes in buf <> merge buf size
Sort Error 489  error adjusting file pointer
Sort Error 490  error closing sortwork.00x
Sort Error 491  error closing sortwork file
Sort Error 492  error deleting sortwork file
Sort Error 493  error renaming sortwork.00x
Sort Error 494  error closing output file
Sort Error 495  error creating output file
Sort Error 496  insufficient disk space
 NLOG_ERR 498  Old log file found during log create
 FIDD_ERR 499  Mismatch between recv log & file id
 SQLINIT_ERR 500  Server could not init SQL engine
 SQLCONNECT_ERR 501  Could not init SQL for a user
 SQL_REQUEST_ERROR 502  Could not access SQL master info
 SQL_INVALID_CONTINUE 503  Could not continue SQL request
 NSQL_ERR 504  Server does not support SQL
 USQL_ERR 505  User profile does not enable SQL
 SRFL_ERR 506  Could open save-restore file
 SRIO_ERR 507  Could not process save-restore file
 SRIN_ERR 508  Save restore inconsistency
 DSRV_ERR 509  Duplicate server
 RFCK_ERR 510  Active chkpnt at start of roll-forward
 ILOP_ERR 511  Index nodes form illegal loop: rebuild
 DLOP_ERR 512  Data file loop detected
 SBLF_ERR 513  FPUTFGET does not support CTSBLDX ()
 CQUE_ERR 514  Queue has been closed
 OIFL_ERR 515  Cannot convert old IFIL structure
 GNUL_ERR 516  ctNOGLOBALS not allocated
 GNOT_ERR 517  'regid' is not registered
 GEXS_ERR 518  'regid' is already registered
 IEOF_ERR 519  index logical EOF error
 HTRN_ERR 520  Attempt to update index with inconsistent tran#
  521 - 526  reserved for BANYAN env
 BMAL_ERR 521  Could not allocate memory for the streettalk login message buffer
 STID_ERR 522  Userid in INTISAM does not match current login id
 BIDX_ERR 527  index must be rebuilt:see CTSTATUS.FCS
 SLEN_ERR 528  key segment length error 
 CHKP_ERR 529  system checkpoints terminated 
 LMTC_ERR 530  client does not match server 
 BREP_ERR 531  index reorg entry error 
 ASAV_ERR 532  TRANSAV called with AUTOSAVE on 
 MTRN_ERR 533  file header high-water-mark overflow
 OTRN_ERR 534  transaction # overflow 
 REGC_ERR 535  ctree not registered. Call REGCTREE
 AREG_ERR 536  only automatic REGCTREEs allowed  
 PIOT_ERR 538  client-side bad function array type
 BFIL_COD 539  sysiocod when file does not appear to contain any valid information 
 PNUL_ERR 540  null parameter 
 LWRT_ERR 541  transaction log cannot be written 
 MCRE_ERR 542  could not create mirror file 
 MOPN_ERR 543  could not open mirror file 
 MCLS_ERR 544  could not close mirror file 
 MDLT_ERR 545  could not delete mirror file 
 MWRT_ERR 546  could not write to mirror file 
 MSAV_ERR 547  could not save mirror file 
 MRED_ERR 548  could not read from mirror 
 MHDR_ERR 549  mismatch between mirror headers 
 MSKP_ERR 550  attempt to open primary w/o mirror: or'ing in a file mode of MIRROR_SKP permits a primary to be opened w/o error
 MNOT_ERR 551  file already opened without mirror
 PREA_ERR 555  could not read primary, switching 
 PWRT_ERR 556  could not write primary, switching
 CWRT_ERR 557  could not write mirror,suspend mir
 PSAV_ERR 558  could not save primary, switching 
 CSAV_ERR 559  could not save mirror, suspend mir
 SMON_ERR 560  only one of each monitor at a time
 DDMP_BEG 561  SYSMON: dynamic dump begins 
 DDMP_END 562  SYSMON: dynamic dump ends 
 DDMP_ERR 563  SYSMON: dynamic dump ends (errors)
     *** At the end of automatic recovery, the following conditions were detected which require cleanup before continuing. The specifics are reported on in CTSTATUS.FCS:      ***
 RCL1_ERR 570  incomplete compression 
 RCL2_ERR 571  index rebuild required 
 RCL3_ERR 572  incomplete compression & index re-build required 
 RCL4_ERR 573  primary\mirror out-of-sync. Copygood file over bad. 
 RCL5_ERR 574  incomplete compression & primary\mirror out-of-sync 
 RCL6_ERR 575  index rebuild required & primary\mirror out-of-sync 
 RCL7_ERR 576  incomplete compression & index re-build required & primary\mirror out-of-sync 
 CPND_COD -587  close/delete deferred: pending tran
 CPND_ERR 588  attempt to close or delete file with pending tran 
 LADM_ERR 589  member of ADMIN group required 
 NCON_ERR 590  could not find ISAM context ID 
 OCON_ERR 591  old context ID. Call CLSICON() 
 ECON_ERR 592  context ID exists 
 CLEN_ERR 595  varlen too small in PUTCRES 
 CMIS_ERR 596  missing information  
 CINI_ERR 597  could not initialize expression 
 CVAL_ERR 598  could not evalutate conditional exp
 CTHD_ERR 600  no more client threads 
 VRFY_ERR 601  ctVERIFY detected problems with idx
 CMEM_ERR 602  no memory for system lock table 
 FLEX_ERR 603  could not allocate FCB 
 FINC_ERR 604  could not increase user files 
 KSRL_ERR 605  records with bad (all FF) serial #s
 DCOD_ERR 606  could not handle file encoding 
 RCOD_ERR 607  recovery could not enable encoding
 IAIX_ERR 608  IIDX attributes do not match file 
 HNUL_ERR 610  CTHIST target==NULL    
 HLOG_ERR 611  CTHIST could not access log    
 HSTR_ERR 612  CTHIST must be called with ctHISTfirst
 HONE_ERR 613  CTHIST can only access data or index 
 HMAP_ERR 614  no valid ISAM map from index to data 
 HIDX_ERR 615  cannot get index info from data filno
 HACT_ERR 616  CTHIST cannot be called during a tran
 HNOT_ERR 617  did not find target    
 HENT_ERR 618  log scan terminated: EOF or bad entry
 HZRO_ERR 619  CTHIST on data file: recbyt==0    
 HSIZ_ERR 620  bufsiz too small    
 HTYP_ERR 621  transaction type not expected    
 HMID_ERR 622  must reset CTHIST first    
 HMEM_ERR 623  not enough memory for CTHIST    
 HNET_ERR 624  net change only applies to specific match of key or record position    
 HMTC_ERR 625  must specify exactly one matching criteria (user & node may be combined)
 HUND_ERR 626  encountered an UNDTRAN going forward: must completely restart this CTHIST sequence    
 HUNK_ERR 627  unknown type of request    
 HFIL_ERR 628  must specify filno    
 HTFL_ERR 629  could not initialize internal file ID
 HUNX_ERR 630  unexpected length in log entry    
 NPLN_ERR 633  null plen (pointer to size) 
 NLEN_ERR 634  negative length specified 
 TSYC_ERR 635  could not create thread sync object
 TSYF_ERR 636  thread sync object 'get' failed 
 TSYR_ERR 637  thread sync object 'rel' failed 
 TQUE_ERR 638  queue message truncated to fit 
 TZRO_ERR 639  semaphore must be init with count>0
 TINT_ERR 640  semaphore already initialized 
 TSYX_ERR 641  thread sync object 'cls' failed 
  649 ... reserved ... 
 DUPJ_ERR 650  duplicate keys purged and logged 
 DUPX_ERR 651  could not process dup key log 
 DUPL_ERR 652  duplicate keys rejected and listed
 MAPL_ERR 653  attempt to exceed mapped lock limit
 TLNG_ERR 654  record length too long for log size
 FREO_ERR 655  could not reopen using freopen 
 LHDR_ERR 656  transaction log header is bad 
 CPYF_ERR 657  could not create copy file 
 CPYW_ERR 658  could not write copy file 
 CPYR_ERR 659  could not read entire original file
 CPYB_ERR 660  rbld complete, but failed mirror copy 
 CPYX_ERR 661  failed process dup log and copy mirror
 CPYJ_ERR 662  dup purged, but could not copy mirror 
 CPYL_ERR 663  dup rejected, but could not copy mirror
 LPRI_ERR 664   primary log (or start) file failed   
 LMIR_ERR 665  mirrored log (or start) file failed