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The Best Replacement for QuickBooks Software

Do you need to replace QuickBooks?
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A single product that does everything you need

Has your company outgrown QuickBooks? You may not know but QuickBooks & Peachtree software are the most replaced business software in the market. Businesses need more features, more scalability, and more real integration.

The problem is QuickBooks can't offer all the features your business needs. And, as you might already know, you might be able to find a company that makes an add-on to QuickBooks giving you the feature you need. That's not real integration. You could have many third party programs as add-ons in QuickBooks but the costs for these add-ons could become tremendous! And since its not true integrated applications their functionality could be limited or could have adverse effects in your usual QuickBooks applications. You are not alone, there are many companies out there right now replacing either QuickBooks or Peachtree with Stream Software because they need more features, more users and more integration.

The Stream series of business software is a perfect fit for companies needing more flexibility and scalability in a businesses management app. QuickBooks is primarily a small-business management application. Although QuickBooks is a successful businesses application it really falls short in many of your businesses needed areas of management. This means you are left to doing more manual entry and must purchase 3rd party software to continue management of your business if you decide not to replace QuickBooks.
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From simple accounting to advanced integration

Screen shot of Stream V to replace quickbooks with Designed to be highly functional, efficient, and easy to learn We know that QuickBooks used to work for your business years ago, but now that your businesses is picking up you need something more reliable and something with more management options.

The Stream series of business software are complete and integrated software solutions for Small-Mid & Enterprise sized companies. Cove Systems offers Different products for different businesses needs. Stream V runs in Windows and is built for ERP business processes. Stream 2 will run on many operating systems and is in character mode. Stream POS is built specifically for retailers, but also has a robust & scalable ERP back-end. Lastly, Stream Vaast is the perfect solution for businesses that want an accounting solution served over the internet through a browser.

Stream software offers your business an advantage over your competition, just as we offer a price advantage over our competition.

Consider Stream - Integrated Business Software

Screen shot of Stream to replace quickbooks with The ability to analyze data quickly and efficiently is critical to managing inventory
Stream 2 - Character Mode
If you need your Data Modes Replacement to run on an operating system other than Windows we offer Stream 2 in character mode.

Stream V - Integrated ERP Business Software
If you need your software to run in the Windows environment we offer Stream V Integrated Business Software.

Stream Vaast - ERP SaaS Software
If you want your software delivered over the internet we offer Stream Vaast The ERP SaaS Software Solution.

Stream POS - Point of Sale Software
If your business is retail oriented our product Stream POS - Point of Sale Software would be a perfect fit.

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