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Overview of the Stream V Accounting Suite - The most complete, integrated systems on the market today for Assembly, Distribution, Manufacturing & Warehousing Businesses.
Stream V Overview of Modules by Cove Systems, Inc.
The Stream V system is the most complete integrated system available on the market today for Distribution, Manufacturing & Warehousing businesses.
The Stream V Business Application
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+ Accounting
+ Assembly
+ Distribution
+ Durable Goods
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The Stream V system is the most complete integrated system available on the market today for Distribution businesses. Stream V is also the most complete enterprise-wide system available today for small to mid-sized businesses (up to 500 users). This fully integrated, automated, on-line/real-time system is the competitive edge needed to guarantee your company's success in today's market place. Stream V is the complete system to increase the productivity of everyone in your company by providing the tools and information they need, quickly and easily. Stream V completely automates all your Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Shipping, Returns, E-Commerce and Manufacturing operations!

Stream V includes the following modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bill of Materials, Contact Management, EDI interface, FEDEX Shipping, General Ledger, Interactive Voice Response (IVRS),Inventory Control/Warehousing,Purchasing and Receiving,Sales Analysis,Sales Order Entry / Order Management, Sales Tax Tracking, Serialized Inventory, Shop Floor Control, System Configurator, Return Materials Tracking, Return to Vendor Tracking, Technical Support Tracking,UPS Shipping,eCommerce, Opportunity Management, Incident Management, Comment Manager, Credit Management , Secure Internet Interface, Customer Service Center, Vendor Service Center, Fast Implementation, Client Server & Native Data Storage, Fast ROI, EDI Enabled, Multi-Platform, Multi-Currency, Multi-Divisional and more...

Stream V is highly integrated, completely seamless and extremely feature rich. With our sophisticated system control parameters, Stream V can be fine-tuned to your business without requiring extensive custom programming. When you purchase Stream V you purchase a solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of your company today, and tomorrow. Stream V is currently in use worldwide in companies with up to 500 simultaneous users.
Stream V allows access to your data through a number of different access methods. In addition to execution of the standard application, you may publish data via our Interactive Voice Response systems which allows telephone inquiries, and touch tone order entry. You may also present your data on the Internet by using Stream V E-Commerce to allow secure eCommerce transactions by your customers and vendors from any Web browser. It even allows this access if your public Web server is outside your firewall, without requiring that your data be directly accessible outside the firewall.
These e-Business components let you efficiently reach out to customers and suppliers around the world - and around the clock. Our integrated e-Commerce delivers the latest in tools for building customer loyalty, generating new sales, reducing costs and making your company more efficient in an Internet-enabled world.
The Stream V Accounting Modules are the financial backbone for a complete Brick & Mortar and integrated e-Business solution. The accounting modules provide seamless integration, comprehensive drill downs and quick and easy access to all your financial information.
Stream V Customer Relationship Management - To truly be efficient, your entire team - marketing, sales, and support - needs to be integrated and Collaborative. No company does this better than Stream V and our business partners can attest to it. We provide a complete software solution for every type of sales situation to move your leads, prospects and customers through each stage of your specific sales cycle. Whether the contact is in person, by phone, over the Internet, or a combination thereof, the right information is always available when you need it.
Getting the order is only part of the solution, Your goods and services must be where they are needed, when they are needed.
Order the correct quantities, the correct products, at the correct time, from the correct vendor and at the correct price. Track them inbound, and know before they are become overdue.
Vendor Shipment
Ship goods directly to your customer's or your customer's, customers directly from your vendor. Track the shipments, invoice them accurately and pass this information to your customers by fax, email or through your website. Accurately and correctly account for these transactions without creating faux transactions in your inventory locations.
Cycle Count
Select the inventory items to be counted based on an Item, Bin Number, or Item Description range.
Inventory Control
Manage your inventory accurately, in real-time, at one location or around the world. Includes support for Multi-bin system and with support for static bins.
Receive your products quickly, accurately and confirm that you are getting what you ordered. Capture or create serial numbers on-the-fly. Use vendor provided Bar Codes and/or create your own labels automatically. Real-time inventory update so sales people and customer (via the Web) know what you have.
Order / Customer Dropship Fulfillment Services
Ship directly to your customer's customer. Print your customer name and correct return address on the shipping label and automatically produce a packing list with your customers name, part numbers and messages on it.
RF Guns / Warehouse Management
Use RF guns (radio frequency devices) for counting, picking and put-away to increase warehouse efficiency and reduce head count. Capture serial numbers using RF guns at receiving and/or shipping.
UPS Shipping
With the Stream V UPS module installed, tracking is simply an on-screen lookup away.