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The Stream V Business Accounting Software - UPS Shipping Module
The Stream V Business Accounting Software - UPS Shipping Module by Cove Systems Inc.
Shipping UPS, Enhanced Shipping Management Increases Productivity in Stream V Business Accounting Software

One of the bigger distribution nightmares, whether a brick and mortar distributor or at an electronic distributor, is tracking the shipments 'after' they leave the warehouse or fulfillment house. Cove's Stream V Business Accounting Software UPS Host Manifesting System eliminates the worry.
Flexibility is the Key to Automated Processing
  • Multiple physical warehouses can be maintained from a single, centralized data location.
    • Multiple shipping/manifesting lines can be utilized in the warehouse.
    • All lines can be on a single manifest
    • Individual lines can be on their own manifest
  • Automated scales can be configured to interface with the system so that, as boxes roll down the rolling stock, they pass over the scale that transmits the box weight directly into the manifest. No more problems with incorrect weights on the billing audits.
  • The use of this one module can result in reduced manpower needs. This module can free up at least one man from the shipping point of your warehouse and put him back in the picking lines where he is needed.
  • Automatically produced manifests mean less errors and more shipping profit.
UPS Host Manifest Upload Seamlessly Integrated
Host Manifest Upload (HMU) is a new UPS required vehicle to transmit UPS Package Level Detail from Stream VT to the UPS Host System via the Internet. Using secured communications protocols to ensure that the data can be viewed only by UPS, a formatted ASCII file from each shipping location is uploaded to UPS on a daily basis.
  • Benefits of the Host Manifest Upload system are:
  • Tracking on a shipment or package level.
  • Electronically issued call tags.
  • Need to print a detailed manifest for the UPS driver is eliminated.
  • Manual data entry process at UPS is removed.
  • UPS billing accuracy is increased.
Automated Manifesting and Tracking
One of the bigger distribution nightmares, whether in a brick and mortar distributor or at an electronic distributor, is tracking the shipments "after" they leave the warehouse or fulfillment house. Cove's Stream V UPS Host Manifesting System eliminates the worry.
Where is my Shipment and When Will it Be Here?
With the Stream V UPS module installed, tracking is simply an on-screen lookup away. Drill down technology allows you to see the tracking number for the shipment, and another level shows you the box records for the shipment. A simple keystroke will lead you to the UPS on-line tracking information.
Increased Customer Service
Imagine, from the desktop, being able to tell the customer, 'John just signed for the box on your dock', or, 'The shipment is leaving New Orleans now.' This kind of customer service, without the customer having to strike out on their own to find out what the progress of a shipment is, is second to none.
With the UPS module installed, freight audits are simple and intuitive. Stream V's ability to compare actual freight costs to billed costs lets you track the profitability and costs for freight to the penny. Finally, you can know for sure what impact the cost of freight is having on your business.
Save Money/Increase Profits
  • Charge correct freight.
  • Automatically markup freight.
  • Automatically charge shipping and handling, by shipment or by box.
Insurance Processing
  • UPS insurance
  • Third party insurance
  • Self insurance
  • Bill customer or don't bill customer
Increase Shipping Department Productivity
  • Support for electronic scales.
  • Increase shipping department throughput, ship more!
  • Reduce personnel required.
Easy Rate and Zone Table Updates
  • Easy installation of rate and zone table updates.
  • Receive updates electronically or by diskette.
UPS Shipping History Look Up
  • Provides instant on-line access to shipment information.
  • Accessed directly or through customer history inquiry screen.
  • Complete on-line shipment info available
Reprint Shipping Documents Anytime
  • Select documents by invoice number.
  • Easy recovery from printer jams.
Completely Multi-user
  • No "file busy" messages, ever!
  • All updates done real-time.
  • Multiple manifests can be maintained for each shipping location.
  • Multi-company manifesting support.
COD Tags Made Easy
  • Support for multiple tags, the value can be split:
    • Evenly across all boxes
    • By actual box value
    • Tag on single box
UPS Host Manifest Upload System
  • Integrated totally with Stream II.
  • Seamlessly configured as part of the standard UPS module for automated processing of manifests.
  • Use of this module streamlines the time consuming process of freight audits and the conflicts with UPS over who owes who what.
  • Manpower requirements decrease with the automated manifesting.
Fast Cash Application Support
  • Use of invoice number and secondary tracking number allows fast access during cash application by invoice number provided by UPS with COD payments.
  • Increased operator productivity.
Eliminate Duplicate Address Files
  • Use of system address files eliminates maintaining separate UPS addresses.
  • Increase operator productivity by elimination of redundant entry.
  • Eliminate different addresses for the same customer.
  • Eliminate mis-shipments.
Extensive Shipment Reports
  • Freight out report by customer.
  • Report by shipping method.
  • Analyze freight expense vs. revenue.
  • Select by date range, customer, customer type, salesperson, division, department, and/or location.
Real-time Multiple Printer Support
  • Simultaneous printing to COD tag and label printers.
  • Reduce operator workload.Support for zero-tear demand document printers.
  • Print manifest on shared printer.