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The Stream V Business Accounting Software - The Sales Order Entry Management & Order Management Module, OE, O/E
The Stream V Business Accounting Software - Integrated OE, O/E, Sales Order Entry Management & Order Management by Cove Systems Inc.
Integrated Order Management & Sales Order Entry Management, OE, O/E, Integration, Power & Flexibility allows You to Process Orders Fast & Efficiently in Stream V Business Accounting Software

Powerful and highly integrated, Stream V Business Accounting Software Order Entry Module allows your company to efficiently process your orders through the three stages of order processing. Stream V Order Entry Management Module accepts order information from the operator, thoroughly audits it, and produces an optional picking list. Support for same-day shipping and sophisticated pricing algorithms provides the flexibility your company needs to stay competitive in today's market.
On-line Real-time Order Entry
Processing your customers' orders fast and efficiently requires more than just order entry. It requires the integration, power, and flexibility of Stream V Order Entry. Combined with Inventory Control, Shipping, and Accounts Receivable modules, Stream V Order Entry Streamlines every step of your order processing to make it simple and efficient for you. With Stream V Order Entry your business will run so smoothly, by default, your business will be led to great success. The Order Entry module makes Stream V the most complete, integrated distribution solution in the marketplace today.
On-line Audits
Powerful and highly integrated, Stream V Order Entry allows your company to efficiently process your orders through the three stages of order processing. Stream V Order Entry accepts order information from the operator, thoroughly audits it, and produces an optional picking list. Support for same-day shipping and sophisticated pricing algorithms provides the flexibility your company needs to stay competitive in today's market.
Real Intelligence for Pricing Decisions
Stream V Order Entry uses extensive AI algorithms to establish a target price for each item being ordered. The order processing system can automatically price items based on many different criteria, including up to 11 standard price levels, quantity based pricing, sales pricing, customer specific pricing, multi-currency prices, and special 'contract/buying group' prices. If the operator modifies the system's calculated target price, the system then validates the price against the company's pricing policy and provides instant feedback to the operator concerning the orders acceptance. Also available is GSA Pricing, Educational Pricing, and Custom Pricing schemes. There is native support for spiffs and special vendor programs.
Customer Specific Pricing
  • Retail plus 10 price levels.
  • Customer specific price lists, by customer, item, quantity, and date range.
  • Print customer specific price lists.
Contract/Group Pricing
  • Assign customers to multiple contracts.
  • Assign items to multiple contracts with quantity limits and date ranges.
  • Print contract specific price lists.
Sale Pricing
  • Assign special pricing for specific items by date range and quantity.
  • Print "sale" price lists.
  • Display "sale/hot items" during entry.
Shipping Management
  • FEDEX delivery commitment lookup.
  • Calculate UPS and FEDEX shipping charges during order entry.
  • Allows user to give customer complete shipment price at order entry time.
On-line Product Catalog
  • Provides on-line access to extended product information and specifications.
  • Allows product search by item, product line, and manufacturer.
Shipping Addresses Management
  • Maintain multiple shipping addresses for each customer.
  • Improved security by option to restrict shipping address.
  • Calculate sales tax based on ship-to.
Real-time Pick List
  • Automatically route audited orders to warehouse and "audit failed" orders to accounting for review/release.
  • "Unit of measure" conversion.
  • Bill of materials explosion for kits.
Available Reports
  • Order status/history.
  • Sales/shipment history.
  • Customer invoice history.
  • Invoice status/display.
  • Customer history.
  • And many more.
Vendor Link
  • Real-time access to vendor stock levels and pricing.
  • Ability to create PO's on the fly and receive acknowledgement from vendor.
  • Advanced shipment notices from vendors processed on the fly. Creates invoice and closes both sales order and purchase order.
  • Complete inventory information displayed during line item entry including: on hand, total reserved, reserved in scheduling period, on order, due in, lead time etc.
Additional Features
  • Multi-location inventory support. Extensive on-line customer history and status lookup screens. Locate customer by phone number, zip code, account number, or name.
  • Option to create new accounts with strict audit control and defaults.
  • Reorder based on an old order.
  • Customizable command menu.
  • "Backorder/No Partial" control.
  • "Ship RED, Charge Ground" support.
  • Add unlimited length comments to order header and/or each line item.
Easy Customer Access
  • Customers can be accessed by name, account number, phone number, Zip Code, contact name and, state.
  • Sales person has access to: AR info, invoice information, credit availability, current order status,
  • Ship-to information.
  • Order entry displays last quantity customer ordered, price paid and date of transaction. This avoids customer "demanding" invalid pricing.
  • Order entry can access customer contact info to schedule follow-up calls.
  • All customer information available from the order entry screen.
Auto Backorder
  • Based on scheduling window.
  • On-line availability confirmation.
  • Print picking lists only for available items with available product in bins.
  • Allocate inventory receipts to fill backorders at the time inventory is received.
  • Backorders ship as product is received or is produced.
  • Available VendorLink gives you the product status at your vendor's warehouse. *Vendor must have capability for this option.
Inventory Item Locator
  • Multiple methods of finding product: by item number, description, keyword, manufacturer item number, vendor, product line, bar code item number, or on-line lookup from vendor.
  • Line by line scheduling of date required, scheduled, and cancel on.
  • Displays quantity on hand, available, reserved by clients, on order from vendors, WIP quantities, and quantity being produced on manufactured item.
  • On-line display of price levels from inventory.
  • On-line display of costs. Last cost, last PO cost, average weighted cost, standard cost, commission cost, next cost, and more.
Line Item Audit
  • Audit line item price against retail, price levels, last, unit, or standard cost with or without overhead factor.
  • Automatically hold item based on product class for special processing.
  • In-program calculator to figure margin from price or price from margin.
  • Displays last date and quantity purchased by customer.
  • Purchasing information - on order with vendor and next POs scheduled.
  • Sales notes - "sell with" notes, warnings, or restrictions.
  • Optional cost display - last, average, standard cost with or without display/suppression factor.
  • Print, display, save as file, Email or fax.
  • Orders by customer/item.
  • Orders by product line/item.
  • Orders by item/customer.
  • Orders salesman (rep).
  • Sales activity by rep.
  • Bookings/shipments/backlog report.
  • Order confirmation with multiple/extended product descriptions.
  • And more...

Recent Features and Enhancements to this Module
  • Order Entry Exit Routine: Modified SQL Audit to display result to allow passing a message back.
  • Order Entry: Added code to popup Shipto detail panel for entry of a new Shipto address when order is created for fulfillment customers
  • Order Entry: Added code to check availability of kit item when selected by looking at stock for the components.
  • Added button next to “Available:” on OE Item panel to see availability of kit components.
  • Button appears for kit items.
  • Added option to add a hold to a sales order in order entry.
  • Order Entry Grid: Enhanced code so when entering an item number in the grid, if the item number is not found, the code will automatically search for the entered text in the catalog lookup.
  • Order Entry: Modified grid item number input to popup catalog list if invalid item number is entered.
  • Order Invoicing: Added batch field, and buttons.
  • Order Invoicing: Batch field is used to select a batch of pick lists to process, usually related to batch picking.
  • Order Invoicing: Process is to use prompt button in batch field to select a batch, which loads the first pick in the batch.
  • Order Invoicing: “List” button displays the list of remaining picks in the batch and allows selection of one.
  • Order Entry: Added Shipment Pay Code to Shipping Tab; this field is used to identify how the shipment payment is handled – Prepaid, Collect, Consignee or Third Party.
  • Order Entry: Enhanced The Suppression of Commission Cost display using field security.
  • Order Entry/Invoicing: Third party billing address changes; use Ship_Billing field in order header for invoicing instead of Shipto field.
  • Order Entry/Invoicing: Default third party billing account when Shipvia is defaulted or selected in order entry.
  • Order Entry/Invoicing: Third party billing account in Shipto address is used as a default when selected if a Shipto Shipvia is present.
  • Order Entry: Added code to default contact from Shipto address into order header. This will be over-ridden by the order contact if selected.
  • Order Entry: Enhanced to warn operator if default location is changing when a Shipto address is selected or edited and to not re-default the operator warehouse location.
  • Modified Shipto Detail panel to clear buffer on exit without save.
  • Added a feature to allow editing shipping address on Vendor Ship orders.
  • Modified code to block scrolling in Order Contact field to prevent changing selected company.
  • Improved handling of order edits in code to ck/place credit hold.
  • Modified code to not strip leading zeros from Credit Card CCV (security) codes.
  • Order Entry: Added Purchase Order Test parameters to preferences.
  • Order Entry: Included code to force amount in shipping field to sync with Ship Billing Code.
  • Order Entry: Developed code to prompt for order contact when selecting company.
  • If company has multiple contacts and the system finds the first contact with the Sales Order Flag set to "Y" and will default to that contact into the sales order.
  • Order entry will warn on save if no contact is selected and allow the operator to select a contact.
  • Order Entry: Added an option to override “credit card authorized” block on editing and order when editing as sysop. Warn and log override.
  • Order Entry: Added code to prompt for new dates when converting a quote to a sales order.
  • Order Management: Added sysop option to the context menu to display SoTemp lines. This can be used for research and debugging.
  • Order Management: Removed "Change Type" button which allowed conversion of an order to a quote and/or to a "shipper".
  • Order Entry: Created code that does not try to authorize CC on Quote or Loaner.
  • Order Entry: Edited business day calculation to handle new minimum date required by MS-SQL.
  • Order Entry: Added code to update standard holds.
  • Order Entry: Added Changes History Lookup to Order Management and Order Entry.
  • Order Entry: Added More Menu option to import lines from another order into the current order. This allows copying of orders/quotes form between customers.