The Stream V - integrated business software is tailored to fit your business. Stream software has been running in distribution sites for more than 20 years; this fact isn’t going to change anytime soon. You’re in need of a solution to make business processes run smoother: output more accurate data, require data on-site so your staff has access to it, as they need it, and have enough head room to expand operations in the future.

The Turn-Key solution, Stream V, is a trusted name in the distribution industry. The days of changing your ERP software every few years is over. Enter Stream V.

Stream Vaast stands for Stream V as a Service Technology. If you are interested in ERP On-Demand (Saas) Software, Stream Vaast is the option that would work best for you. Easy monthly payments instead of buying the software upfront; ERP software has finally made the move from turn-key to Saas software, and we made it affordable to you.

Find out what makes our ERP Saas Software different from the others. Stream Vaast is an extremely powerful application that can be completely customized according to your needs, quickly.

Our Integrated Distribution Software is the most complete integrated software available on the market for the Distribution business. It is also the most complete enterprise-wide system available today for the small to mid-sized business (up to 500 users). This fully integrated, automated, on-line/real-time accounting software is the competitive edge needed to guarantee your business success in today's market place. Increase the productivity of everyone in your company by providing the tools and information they need, quickly and easily. Our Integrated ERP Software completely automates all your Distribution, Assembly, Wholesale, Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Shipping, Returns, E-Commerce and Manufacturing operations!

The Standard software includes the modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bill of Materials, Contact Management, EDI interface, CRM - Customer Relationship Management, General Ledger, Interactive Voice Response (IVRS), Inventory Control, Purchasing and Receiving, Sales Analysis, more...
Flexible Integrated Software
Stream V is highly integrated, completely seamless and extremely feature rich. With our sophisticated system control parameters, the software can be fine-tuned to your business without requiring extensive custom programming. When you purchase Stream V you purchase a solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of your company today, and tomorrow. Stream is currently in use worldwide in companies with up to 500 simultaneous users.
Reliable Business Software
Access your data through a number of different methods. In addition to execution of the standard application, you may publish data via our Interactive Voice Response systems which allows telephone inquiries, and touch tone order entry. You may also present your data on the Internet by using Integrated E-Commerce to allow secure eCommerce transactions by your customers and vendors from any Web browser. It even allows this access if your public Web server is outside your firewall, without requiring that your data be directly accessible outside the firewall.